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"Something about Stacy’s singing makes me think of a summer peach–not one trucked in from California and ripened in the fluorescent glow of the produce section, but one you get from the peach shed. As any peach connoisseur knows, the first difference is one of texture. Stacy’s voice is as warm and pulpy as a shed-peach. And though a shed-peach is sweet, its real flavor comes from a pleasing tartness and another, mysterious flavor (there’s no word for it but “peachiness”) that hits high on the soft palate and, for a Georgia boy at least, unlocks more wistfulness than Proust’s madeleine."


-Jonathan Rogers The Rabbit Room

"...the album (Ready This Time) captures the diversity of Lantz alongside her intelligent and upbeat songwriting style. Lantz’s sound culls from influences as rich as Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt, and Eva Cassidy as well as more modern tones akin to Zooey Deschanel and Brandi Carlile, wrapping her lyrics in a warm blanket of eclectic soundscapes." 


-Andrew Greenhalgh  Stereo Subversion

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"After guesting on several other artists’ albums, Nashville singer-songwriter Stacy Lantz assumes the spotlight on her sophomore release Ready This Time. This sparkling follow-up to 2010′s Patchwork Plains finds the Indiana native more than ready for her close-up.  On a classy pop album that flirts with jazz and gospel, Lantz details a period of growth in relationships, from the tentative wonderment of  a first meeting (“Keep It Simple”) to the exuberance of  a blushing bride-to-be (the effervescent, finger-snapping “Happy”). While generally upbeat, Lantz’s songs are far from fluffy.  Instead,  she focuses on the crucial role resilience and intimacy play in maintaining successful relationships.   Lantz’s direct lyrics push past love’s tangles and snares, effectively slicing through the thorny traps of bitterness and apathy."


-Carolyn Dixon  Goodnight Hestia

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