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When I was younger my Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma had a woodworking shop. I loved the smell of the sawdust, the coffee tins with nuts and bolts, and the sweet conversations I had with them. Together they made tables and chairs for the local manufactured home industry. Occasionally they made special pieces for family and friends. This coffee table was created by my Grandpa for their cabin. It's made out of walnut and is finished beautifully. Over the years, my Grandma treasured this table and I was honored that she passed it along to me. 

This sweet little desk belonged to my Great Aunt. Originally, it was given to my oldest Sister, but since I'm the more sentimental one who loves antiques, she passed it along to me. I love all the little compartments, drawers, and the transformation that happens when the lid is open or closed. The legs have become quite delicate over the years, but lines are still quite beautiful  

The horse picture was one my Dad kept in his room when he was a boy, and the red pocket watch belonged to my Great Grandma. Lastly, pictured above are the books I collected at various estate sales and antique stores. I started collecting them when I got the idea to use the book covers and turn them into journals. While that project hasn't got off the ground, I did manage to use them for decoration. 

Music has always played a big role in my life. Some of my earliest musical influences were heard pouring out of these speakers. This is another piece my Grandpa made, and it might be my all time favorite. It's made out of the same walnut as the coffee table, and together they make quite a pair. I love the simple lines and finishes. Another unique feature he added was building the speaker system into the bottom of the cabinet. It simplifies the cord mess and is a big space saver for my ever-growing record collection.

Table Talk & Treasures

This simple wood burned sign was made by my Dad and used to hang on the door of my treehouse. When they tore it down a few years back, my parents gave it to me for my birthday and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

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