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Please Have a Seat

It was love at first sight when I found this pair of chairs at a consignment store in Indiana. The overall design is simple, but sleek. While they are unique in the fabric color and texture, the legs and rivets on the back are my favorite. 

This chair belonged to my upstairs neighbor at my old place. When she moved back to Germany, she left several items of furniture. My landlord said we could take anything we liked...and I liked this chair a lot! Almost every part is curved, and when you sit down, it wraps around you like a hug. It fits me perfectly and currently sits at my piano. 

Caning and carvings. That's what brought this chair into my collection. I purchased this one and its pair as part of my dining room set. It also came from the consignment store in Indiana. Sadly it's the only that still has the caning intact, and still needs a little work to keep it from wobbling. Nevertheless, I find it charming and it goes perfect with my oval dining room table. 

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