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Cards & Crafts

Mixed media, collage what have you, was one of my favorite mediums back in high school. It's something that has stayed with me through the years. So whether I'm making a journal cover or a card for someone, I like to incorporate fun textures and subject matter (ie robots.)

A friend in college taught me how to bind paper to make journals, and the one at the top left corner is my songwriting journal. 

I started making cards for family and friends a few years back. It was a fun way to show them how much I appreciated them, and that they were known. So when I was invited to a housewarming party, I thought I would push the envelope and create a house card. 


In honor of starting this site for the Magnolia job fair, I thought I'd create a whimsical paper "fixer upper" 

My Brother and I are both big fans of The Avett Brothers. One of his favorite songs is called "Laundry Room." So for his birthday I made him this little art piece featuring some lyrics from the song and an abstract washing machine.

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